hey stranger. if you forgot about me, I'm the guy who ghosted you and failed to deliver juicy golden nuggets to your inbox for a month.

typically, I could try to make an excuse that starts with bull and ends with s-h-*-t.

but this time i have a good reason.

the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank will forever be the craziest 5 days of my career.

panicked $27 million wires to get out of SVB at the cutoff. 2 am calls with customers in india making $50 million decisions.

i quickly transformed from a glorified sales guy to financial therapist to neurotic twitter refresher (follow me here btw)

meow crossed $1 billion in assets... which is wild.

"treasury management" somehow got cool. and i was caught in a maelstrom of money movement that likely won't happen again for awhile.

but after a few sleep deprived weeks.

I'm back baby.

Here's 100 words on a concept that's been ricocheting inside my brain...

Belief Capital.

Last month, I made my first "angel investment". If you're reading this and invest for a living, you now have permission to laugh.

But I gave my friend $5,000 for a new startup.

He's a friend I met through Twitter. We've met in-person twice ever. But he's a guy that I deeply know.

I've seen him think and I've seen him grind. He's a guy without a fancy pedigree. He never even graduated college (and no it wasn't a stanford dropout story).

But I know he's a savage.

And so he tried to raise money for his new thing. He met with 100 investors. And outside of a few hundred thousand bucks, everyone said no.

Everyone told him his idea was stupid.

So why on earth would I give him $5K without ever seeing a deck?

Because belief capital.

I don't care about the idea. I don't care if every VC told him no.

What do I care about?

Backing my baller friends who eat brick walls for breakfast.

Because what actually matters?

Believing in your friends before anyone else.

I know deep down it's only a matter of time before he wins.

And the greatest gift you can give is believing in a dream before it becomes a reality.

see ya,


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